Plenty of options

Advances in technology mean that there are far more choices for orthodontic patients than just the traditional metal braces:

  • Removeable: Simple removable braces that are normally made up of plastic plates that cover the roof of the mouth and then clip on to  teeth. Suitable where limited tooth movements are needed or to complement fixed braces
  • Fixed:
    • Metal: The traditional style of fixed braces, metal brackets fixed to your teeth, connected by wires
    • Ceramic: Similar to metal braces, but using ceramic brackets rather than metal for a more discrete appearance
    • Coloured: Popular with children, these braces allow you to customise the colour of your braces to create a fashionable look
  • Invisalign: 'Aligners' are barely visible plastic moulds that are worn over your teeth, that correct their position

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Growth modification

Where a child's upper jaw protrudes more than their lower jaw,  functional removable braces can be used to adjust the position of the jaw.

Used during key periods of the child's growth, typically between the ages of 10 and 12 years, this growth modification encourages the lower jaw to catch up with the top and reduces the complexity of later treatments - or even avoid it altogether.

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